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While a staple in fine homes and hotels from Shanghai to Bahrain, Dr. Vranjes was a brand built for borders beyond the US. As investment was made in expanding the US wholesale footprint, Combo was tasked with evolving the brand for greater contextual relevance in the US and innovating new channel approaches for less reliance on wholesale. Grounded in validated insights and learnings, Combo strategists and designers evolved Dr. Vranjes’ Florentine origins to be more suited for the US market, with a more diverse and elevated perspective. In parallel, Combo created an asset execution model and innovative channel approach that ensured the strategy and design work was easily executable by client teams and beneficial to the business from the outset.

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Creating New Market Relevancy

Market Presence

Premium home fragrance is a nascent category in America. While domestic brands had started to penetrate the market, Dr. Vranjes, from Florence in Italy, had limited distribution at high-end retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman. As Dr. Vranjes focused on expanding this footprint, Combo had to ensure that the brand strategy and visual design was in line with the desires and needs of the luxury American consumer ©.

© When asked which country makes the best home fragrances, American buyers resoundingly didn’t associate excellence with a specific place—especially not Italy.

Uncovering a Luxury Mindset

After developing a better understanding of the market and consumer through various primary research mechanisms, one common trait Combo strategists found among consumers of high-end home fragrance was the notion of enhancing a home environment as part of a broader interior design consideration. This mindset is dedicated to applying thoughtful decision making to every aspect of their home, including the character of their olfactory environment.

58% of respondents considered home fragrance as an important element of their home decor.
Dr. Vranjes Luxury Survey

Creating an Atmospheric Visual System

A hallmark of the Dr. Vranjes brand is the focus on the alchemy of scent and finding the perfect combinations to augment any atmosphere. Combo designers were tasked with creating an elevated visual system that always evoked a sense of warmth, craft and, when possible, a scent. This atmospheric perspective influenced all of the core brand assets, photography and all consumer touchpoints across the global brand.

Smelling Is Selling

With deep experience in the category, Dr. Vranjes is well aware that trial is a critical driver of purchase conversion—in other words, people select into the brand after they have an opportunity to sample the product. While this works well in wholesale environments, at the start of 2019, as retailers closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Combo strategists and designers needed to develop a rapid and scalable way to replace the role of physical retail. In partnership with Dr. Vranjes, Combo strategists and designers went from the initial business framework for a sampling initiative to final design and manufacturing in 12 weeks, creating an enhanced consumer product experience and new sales opportunity for the brand.

Fragrances that seamlessly enhance a room’s ambience and buoy one’s mood without being obvious or overpowering.
Robb Report

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