New Auction

A Japanese auction house sought to enable young people to collect more art. Combo was invited to design the brand, digital auction platform and gallery around the idea of collecting as a default. The visual identity and UX used concepts and elements from web 1.0 to both stand out as a brand and stand back as a platform. The expandable logo represented the joy of growing a collection. Together, the various design elements worked to create an auction house accessible to a younger generation.

New Auction Thumbnail COMBO

Images created by New Auction

New Auction Catalogue 01 COMBO
New Auction Poster 01
New Auction Photo 01 COMBO
New Auction Jacket 01 COMBO
New Auction Paddle
New Auction Catalogue 03 COMBO
New Auction Catalogue 04 COMBO
New Auction Pattern 02
New Auction Photo 03 COMBO
New Auction Poster 02
New Auction Merch COMBO

Images created by New Auction

New Auction Photo 04 COMBO
New Auction Logo Mark 02

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